Friday, September 30, 2011

100% All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorants! Healing Herbs by Rene'

Ok For you Naturals, Healing Herbs by Rene' has

100% All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorants!
Hand Made Freshness

Natural Deodorants!

These dry rub on deodorants work great!Our deodorants will keep you feeling fresh all day long. A healthy solution for eliminating underarm odor without interfering with the body's necessary process of getting rid of toxins through perspiration.
Free of Aluminum, and other chemicals. 
Come in a 2.5oz roll up tube ready for use.
*A Natural deodorant Also for woman suffering from Menopause.

*Mountain Herbs
*Flower Meadow
* Patchouli (Masculine)

Why Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant!While most people use the terms antiperspirant and deodorant interchangeably, the two are not the same.

Antiperspirant contains aluminum salts. Deodorants do not. And, by shopping for the product, you've already seen that the majority of the products sold today have both attributes in their formulas.

Antiperspirants containing aluminum, work to stop completely perspiration from occurring. Deodorants do not contain aluminum. Deodorants allow perspiration. They work to kill the bacteria that causes odor when we perspire. From a purely natural standpoint, it makes more sense for us to use deodorants, as it is clearly a more natural process to allow our bodies to sweat.

Of course none of us wants to emit an unpleasant, offensive odor, but aluminum-free underarm deodorants do work to keep us feeling clean and fresh. Most commercial brands of deodorant contain a variety of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to our health. Only one of them is aluminum, which can be toxic and is potentially quite dangerous to our health.

Quartz crystals, Protecting yourself from Computer Radiation.

Quartz crystals, Protecting yourself from Computer Radiation.

Are You feeling drained of energy? Sleepy when on your computer to long? Well Computers and Cells phone send out alot of Radiation so to protect myself I use a Quartz Crystal and set it by my Computer. You can also us smaller ones, The Crystal takes in the Radiation that would be entering your body, I can really Feel the diffidence, before I would feel drained, and I even started to have lower abdominal pain. Also I thought about the about the long term damage Radiation has on your body. Please protect yourselves.

Liquid life for Hair & Body!

Healing Herbs By Rene' Natural Hair & Body Care Products!

Liquid life $11 a great deal.
If you don't know about Liquid Life it's Great for Body, Hair health, Skin health you drink it and it taste Great.. Do any of you used this??