Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Friday, April 19, 2013

All Natural Pet Mange treatment,Treat Mange Naturally!

Natural Mange treatment products! 
Herbal Mange relief

Many pets suffer from painful itching mange that can be a very expense treatment. Help your Pet naturally with these Natural Mange treatments. Mange untreated for a long period can lead long suffering and death.
*One of my dogs began to suffer from a extreme case of Mange, the vets wanted to charge us a arm and leg and only wanted to give her antibiotics which only lowered her immune system and did not help the problem.

 So I came up with a natural mange treatment that included a herbal shampoo, skin salve, skin rinse and a Chinese herbal tea blend, added to her food about 2 cups a day.
 Almost immediately the inflammation of the mange went away, all her fur that fell out begin to grow back and she begin to look and feel healthy again. 
We are very happy with the results and our dogs feels back to normal...

Treatment should be applied for at least 1 month depending on the level of infection.

*Contact your vet to see what type of mange your pet could have there are a few types.

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