Saturday, July 13, 2013

Buy California Brazilian pepper tree leaf, bark extracts, Medicinal Tree

California Brazilian pepper tree, leaf, bark extracts, Fresh cut leaves & seeds for sale~prices start @ 4.95 and up..
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~Buy Organic California/Brazilian Pepper tree seeds & Leaf cuttings~
Perennial Peppercorns/Fresh Leaf cuttings.
You can grow this tropical tree in the ground or containers.
**Main Benefits of Brazilian Pepper tree Anti-bacterial, Anti-candida, Antifungal infections, Stop/Reduces bleeding, heal wounds internally and externally. Strengthens the heart. Anti-depressant,menstrual stimulant, Mild laxative, Sap works like neosporin for cuts.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Organic white sage extract!

White sage extract!
White sage benefits~Native to California used by our Native american ancestors for centuries, for purification of negative energy.and health benefits as a ANTISEPTIC read more..

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