Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Transitioning to natural, Natural hair and skin products

Healing herbs by Rene
Transitioning to natural, Natural hair and skin products
When it comes to your hair and skin products.You don't need to have long 15 letter words in the ingredient list. In fact that usually means that the product you're using are not natural, and are probably very little if any natural ingredients in the products.

Step one~you are transitioning to natural. It would be best to cut off any relaxed/permed you may have. The permed hair may stagnate your new hair growth. By most times breaking off. Even if this means doing the big chop (BC) cutting it all off. By doing this the new hair will be able to have its natural curl pattern.

Step two~stop using unnatural products. I have found that many of the store brand and beauty supply stores. Have a very high content of mineral oil along with petroleum oil in very many of the hair products that they sell. Mineral oil and petroleum oil are toxic. The reason why you find these two ingredients in many of the makeup, hair and skin products because it is so inexpensive you can buy a barrel of these oils for a little of nothing. So many times when our hair seemed unmanageable oily and heavy is because of these products along with other toxic Chemicals.

Step three~start introducing all-natural products to your hair and skin. You will find by doing this repair will become more manageable, healthier, along with supreme growth.

Step four~a good diet, alkaline water, eating or drinking raw foods and vegetables, if you don't like to eat vegetables and fruits juicing is a very good drinking a few cups a day it's also essential for a healthy body. I like prenatal vitamin, if are having problems with hair breakage Biotin pills.

I started Healing Herbs by RenĂ© product line because I love what the creator has provided us. In these products you will find a long list of supreme high-quality ingredients. Many of our products are made with our homegrown herbs from the garden, Plants, Roots, Earth minerals, Clays, and many other natural oils. If you are suffering from hair growth problems or skin problems such as eczema acne, or just want to maintain a healthy self these products are for you. We have been using HHBR products over 15 years on our family, friends and pets. There is nothing like what the creator has provided for us, and as long as live in harmony with nature we can flourish and grow.

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